Work History

Worked with a wide-range companies
across different countries. My journey
started from Syria, Lebanon through
Turkey, Malaysia to Arab Golf like
Qatar, UAE and Kuwait all the way to
Europe (Sweden and Netherlands).

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Stockholm, Sweden
January, 2022
  • 1
    Independent Contractor - Senior Frontend Developer (Angular)

    Responsible for core features implementation, bug fixing and designing the most scalable structure and feature rich frontend application.

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Kuwait, Kuwait
August, 2020
  • 1
    Senior Backend Developer (Laravel)

    Responsible for feature implementation, development processes, and working on all pieces of the tech stack using Laravel 7, MySQL, and MongoDB.

    Optimized Elementor editor performance from a state of not being able to edit any page and using too many resources to fast first load and smooth editing experience by unloading live plugin-ins and unused addons.

  • 2
    Senior Frontend Developer (Vue + Nuxt)

    Responsible for all tasks related to frontend development using Vue.js 3 with Nuxt.js. Not just writing code, but architecting our front-end platform.

    Optimized Vue.js application performance to reach 97% on Google metrics and optimized Nuxt.js application performance to reach 99% on Google metrics by analyzing and reducing bundle size, reducing CLS, redistributing code and enhancing lazy loading. Logo

Dubai, UAE
March, 2020
  • 1
    Senior Software Engineer (Spring)

    APIs and workflow development for ERP web application using Spring Boot, Hibernate & MySQL database.

  • 2
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

    Process development, automation architecture, process integration & production management using UiPath Studio.

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Dubai, UAE
August, 2019
  • 1
    Senior Software Engineer

    Developed a dynamic and interactive operations admin dashboard that ensured reusability in the first place as it reduced the development time when dealing with forms, grids, and details pages by applying OOP principles using TypeScript in Angular 8 application.

    Enhanced the existing website ranking in Google search results by applying dynamic website rendering and coordinating with the SEO specialist using PHP and Angular 7.

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Istanbul, Turkey
December, 2018
  • 1
    Front-End Developer (Angular)

    Developed and designed from scratch a high-performance scalable web application, including all different modules related as deployed to the production environment by utilizing Angular 7 with NgRx.

    Fixed bugs and implemented enhancements that significantly improved web functionality and page load speed especially the home page by using PageSpeed Insights and Google Chrome Lighthouse.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August, 2017
  • 1
    Frontend Developer (ReactJS + Ionic)

    Built 10K+ downloads app for the platform using Ionic 3 as published on Google Play and App Store.

    Built a full interactive admin dashboard for different roles using ReactJS.

  • 2
    Backend Developer (Laravel)

    Developed the admin dashboard APIs using Laravel and MySQL.

    Implemented and developed different features for the new app using Laravel APIs with MySQL database.

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Smart Software Solutions

Doha, Qatar
March, 2017
  • 1
    Backend Developer (Spring + Hibernate + Oracle)

    Responsible for workflow development, feature implementation and bugs fixing.

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Senior Front-End Engineer

Front-End tech stack is my passion I'm working to master it. I've worked on different front-end projects from Angular, ReactJS to VueJS.

Senior Back-End Engineer

Not just live apps, but also E-Commerce platforms using Laravel, NodeJS and complicated and complex ERPs and admin dashboards using Spring Boot and Hibernate.

UI/UX Beginner

This portfolio was my first kick through UI/UX path and your product should be awesome as it!

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